March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday:
Hellebore in a bud vase

March 22
March 30


  1. Oh, I'm so glad they opened for you! At least breaking them wasn't a complete loss, right?! Very pretty!

    p.s. About planting forced bulbs, I usually put them out as soon as the ground is thawed after they've bloomed. The hyacinth I had on the blog today is a late one (for me) so I'll plant it right after its done blooming. Sometimes (when forced early ~ like January) I'll have to wait until late winter to get them in the ground. The foliage always flops (no matter when it's planted) but I never worry because the following year, it will be fine. Hope that helps.

  2. Simple and nice arrangement! Ciao.

  3. Kathleen: Yeah, and it looks like the Hellebore plants outside are going to be OK. Thanks for the info about the bulbs. I planted the Hyacinth bulb the other day. Wish me luck!

    Dona & TS: Thanks! Just a little experiment with a broken bud set.

  4. I like your pictures. They are not amateur at all. Seems like Spring already comes to your place. I still need to wait a little bit longer.

    ps, I wish my DD was so big as yours now. :D

  5. GreenGardenMom: Thanks! Yep, spring is here! I just hope it keeps getting better and we don't slip back into the cold...

  6. I like to float Hellebore flowers in a shallow bowl of water, but a vase is lovely as well!

  7. @Arie-el: I will plan to do that next year! I'm planning to plant more Hellebores this spring, so hopefully I'll have more blooms to display. :)


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