September 25, 2019

A Green Wideshot Wednesday

Is Wideshot Wednesday a meme? I don't know who hosts it, but I have an entry. I've been noticing how green everything is around here, so I snapped a few wide shots of the back garden. They show the mess and the fallen leaves and the lack of blooming plants, yes, but also how little fall color is in the woodland.

over pond


The ferns are senescing and some of the Oak leaves are falling, but most of the foliage on the trees and the plants is still very green. We've had a wet, warm September, which is unusual here. It's quite comfortable and lush, but strange.

Cooler weather in the next few weeks likely will bring on much more autumn color. Are you seeing fall color in your garden?


If you saw my last post, the monarchs in the classroom are making progress. Check it out. :)

September 17, 2019

The Late Bloomer


Can you see it?


How about now?


Yes, that's right; it's a monarch caterpillar. I believe it's a fourth instar, which means it probably has about a week left as a caterpillar, and then about two weeks in its chrysalis. This would put it at about the second week of October for its flight to Mexico.

This is not unheard of here at the 43rd parallel, but this little buddy is definitely a late bloomer. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate to give it warmth and cooperative winds for a successful journey south.


My neighbor is a teacher, and I gave her three other caterpillars for her classroom, which the students named Jeffrey, Gus, and Spike. I also handed off this little guy/gal: I wonder what they'll name it?

Stay tuned: I'll keep you posted on the progress of Jeffrey, Gus, Spike, and the late bloomer.

  • Jeffrey was indeed a male (there was discussion of renaming him Jennifer Lopez if a female, but no need). RELEASED
  • Gus was a female, so her full name is Augustina. RELEASED
  • Spike was a female and was set free in front of all the 4th and 5th graders at the school. RELEASED
  • The late bloomer, named "Youngblood" by the students, formed its chrysalis on Monday, 9/23. Female. RELEASED, 10/7--before the cold weather set in.