September 28, 2023

Flinging at Longwood Gardens


I'm just getting settled at home after a wonderful trip to Philadelphia for the Garden Fling. Garden bloggers, writers, photographers, podcasters, and video-makers on public social media platforms from around the U.S. and several other countries visited public and private gardens together.

I'm still processing the experience and reliving the beautiful memories, but here are some brief thoughts about our first stop: the fabulous Longwood Gardens. So many photos and observations; here are just a few...

border 2

border 1

border 3

I really enjoyed the border gardens at Longwood. The plant combinations--colors, structures, foliage, and blooms--were beautiful and creative. 

lantana trees

Can you believe these are Lantana trees? I wonder if I could train Lantanas to do this: potted and outside during the summer, and in the sunroom during the winter. Hmmm...

native plants

Longwood has several beautiful areas devoted to native plants, like these New England Asters (Symphyotrichum novae-angliae), Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia cardinalis), Goldenrods (Solidago spp.), native grasses, and others.

potted plants

The potted collections and arrangements were impressive, too.


We had a behind-the-scenes session demonstrating Bonsaii care and development, which was fascinating and fun.

And the roses...

rose 1

rose 2

rose 3

rose 4

rose 5

Whenever I see a rose display, I must stop and sniff and dream!

water lilies

Another behind-the-scenes session focused on Longwood's water lilies (Nymphaea spp.)--so dreamy and lovely!

I can't share everything about this amazing trip, but stay tuned for more coverage in the days and weeks ahead. And check out many more descriptions at the Fling website.

For more information about the history and philosophy of Longwood Gardens, visit this link.