March 09, 2011

Wordless Wednesday:
If you don't like the weather...wait

6:28 a.m.

5:15 p.m.

5:17 p.m.


  1. I really liked this post. The difference the day makes.

  2. I wish our snow had melted so when we get the continual spring bursts then they would it is there is still a foot or more that continues to pile up from late November....glad to see you have bulbs bursting through to enjoy

  3. Must mean spring is not far off! Lovely post!

  4. Oh dear, it looks like you got the bad weather that was also forecast for us but thankfully didn't appear. The daffodil shoots are a hopeful sign, though; surely spring will come to the Midwest one of these days!

  5. What a difference! It is nice to know spring is going to win in the end...

  6. @Donna: Thanks! I know the photos aren't the greatest, but I just had to share the change in just a few hours. Snow this time of year is so beautiful because it sticks to all the budding trees and it melts fast!

    @Donna: Our problem is drifts this year. Some spots are bare, and other areas have 1-2 feet piled up. Highs in the 40s and sunshine next week should help. Hang in there!

    @Karin: Thanks! Just seeing some new growth is so encouraging!

    @Rose: Yes, the weather guys didn't predict it for us. When I woke up and looked out into the backyard, I couldn't believe it! It sure was beautiful, though, and I knew it would melt fast. :)

    @Masha: Spring is winning now. Love it!

  7. I guess you dont have to wait that long now for more greens to show! Lovely scene of the bare trees.

  8. A fabulous reminder that sometimes patience is rewarded! I love the way everything is so changeable at this time of year.

  9. Sometimes it is fleeting isn't it? Yay for the daffs.

  10. As everyone knows, patience is the main virtue of gardeners.

  11. How rejuvenating to end the post with daffodil growth!! Hooray that spring is finally coming!! I'm ready for warmth and sun, sun, sun!!

  12. @P3: Our high temperatures will be in the 40s and 50s next week! I'm sure that sounds cold to you, but it will feel so nice to us, and we should see a lot of new plant growth. Thanks!

    @Janet: Patience and change -- yes! Can't wait to get outdoors with the camera this weekend!

    @Layanee: I knew the snow would melt fast. That's when it's fun to get snow, and it looks so pretty when it's big, fluffy, and fleeting!

    @Dona: Yes, sometimes I need more patience. But it is a virtue needed by gardeners.

    @TS: I'm ready for sun, too! And after a few days of warmth next week, the Daffodils will make a lot of progress! Cheers!


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