January 26, 2020

Join Us for the 2020 Garden Bloggers Fling

Toronto 2015: I'm in there somewhere, along with all my new friends, now dear friends for several years.

I remember it well: my first Garden Bloggers Fling. It was in Toronto, Ontario, in June 2015. My husband and I drove there and made a little vacation of it.

I was a little nervous about meeting garden bloggers that I'd followed for several years. Many of them seemed larger than life, and I thought maybe I was out of my league. I worried that I'd feel like an outsider.

Turns out, I was wrong in so many ways. The Fling "family" welcomed me with open arms. It was like discovering my tribe--folks who enjoyed plants, gardening, touring gardens, traveling, making new friends, and--as I learned in subsequent years--reconnecting with old friends. And there were other newbies there, too, as there are every year (including this one).

I'm posting about this because this year the Fling will be in Madison, Wisconsin, (June 18-21) and I'm on the planning committee. Even though we still have so much preparation ahead of us, it's all coming together, and it's really going to be a fun Fling! I'll be busy, busy, busy for the next few months and also during the Fling, but I'm really looking forward to it.

Registration is now open!

Visit this link to learn more: gardenbloggersfling.blogspot.com. If you're thinking about attending, but you're a little hesitant like I was, rest assured--the Fling "family" is friendly and fun. And this is going to be another great Garden Bloggers Fling!