June 29, 2022

On Plants and People
At the 2022 Garden Bloggers Fling

Fling 2022 Collage

The 2022 Garden Bloggers Fling is done, and I find myself reflecting on what it means. I know others have noted about past Flings how they enjoyed catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. That is so true for me, too!

The plants are amazing, Madison in June was a great location for the Fling (that's why we volunteered!), and it was wonderful to tour lovely private and public gardens.

But it truly is the people who make the Fling: the attendees, the gardeners, the sponsors, and all the others who make it happen! Once everyone arrived and we began touring gardens together, my nervousness about logistics and scheduling began to fade. What a wonderful group of people!

Thanks to all who attended! Watch for more coverage here, and on blogs and social media feeds throughout North America. To learn more about this year's Fling, next year's Fling, and beyond, visit the Fling website.

And thank you, sincerely, dear Fling friends for a wonderful time together!