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Everything you see on this site was created by little ol' me (well, with the exception of the miracles of Mother Nature, herself).

If there's anything I can do to promote plants, gardeners, and gardens, I'm on it! I'd be thrilled to:
  • Help you with your own blog or website;
  • Edit your books, magazine articles, or any other content;
  • Write articles for your publication or website;
  • Supply you with photos (please let me know which ones you want, and then please give PlantPostings a photo credit);
  • Lead a garden club presentation or workshop on any topic you see here (or others, if I have enough expertise on the topic);
  • Assist with your social media planning and implementation; or
  • Collaborate on special projects.

For more information on services I can provide, visit my professional website at Or email me at plantpostings[at]gmail[dot]com.

Happy gardening and blogging!