April 03, 2011

The beauty of simple things

I was looking for dramatic, eye-popping changes in the garden the other day—blooms or amazing perennial growth, or really anything worthy of a fascinating blog post. But I saw only brown and gray and green. It was a pleasant day—about 55 degrees…a light wind…no snow. It felt good to breathe in the fresh, mild, clean air after breathing cold outside air and stuffy indoor air for a few days.

I realized that even though nothing terribly dramatic was visible when looking at the big picture of the garden, it was so refreshing to be outside and actually comfortable in a light jacket. Then I started noticing textures.

Lichens on old logs and branches and on an old bird feeder…

Moss on rocks and on the patio…

Sometimes I have to remind myself that the smallest details in the garden are breathtakingly beautiful. But I have to zoom in and dial down my expectations.

The beauty is always there if I’m open to the possibilities.


  1. Yes!!! The sentiments are the same. There is always something special going on around us....we just have to open our eyes to notice them:)

  2. So true. I like how you said dial down your expectations. Beauty is everywhere and even the closer you look there is a whole other world lurking. I especially like microscope shots. Art in structure and amazing color. Plants are amazing examined closely, macro lens or microscope, you can't get close enough for me not to still be enamored.

  3. Lovely photos. This is the time of year when the small things grab our attention, if we just take time to notice them. I hope that spring is on its way to you soon.

  4. Yes, especially in spring, I think, changes start out very small. Glad you got a nice day to go out and see all the beauty in your garden.

  5. Very true but hard to do sometimes, especially in spring when you just want to see some green and blooms! I hope something pops up for you soon. Your photos are really lovely. This time of year (and winter) makes you find beauty in different places than during the height of summer, doesn't it?

  6. A lovely collection of photos, it does really pay to take notice of the subtle.

  7. We are living in the same micro-world it seems! Though ours seems to be much further down the road. Love the images!

  8. Yes, sometimes we need to look reeeally closely but the signs of spring are there. It is so worth it to take the time to notice what's is not immediately seen. Great photos and yes, spring is not too far off!

  9. @Rohrerbot: Thanks for the support. Sometimes I just get so impatient for the dramatic changes, and when they come they overshadow all the simple beauty that is there all winter.

    @Donna: I love the micro shots, too. The plant structures are so fascinating. Looking at moss from a distance, you would never know it has such an intricate structure. Now I just need a new camera for lower-light shots. :)

    @Rose: Thanks! Spring is here! Crocuses, Daffodils, and Hellebores are about to pop! Now if we can just keep the cold snaps away for the season...

    @Holley: Thanks! I'm just happy to breathe the fresh air at this point. Feels so good after the long winter!

    @Kathleen: I tried to get a good shot of Crocuses today, but I failed. I'm hoping they'll bloom before the rabbits eat them. If the blooms survive, I'll persist until I get a good shot. :)

    @Janet: I need to remind myself (especially this time of year) to appreciate small changes. They are precursors to the dramatic, overwhelming late-spring transformation.

    @Linda: Yes, I'm living vicariously through your blog. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos of all your colorful flowers!

  10. I absolutely agree. The same in life: you can be happy with little if you can just watch.

  11. 55 degrees sounds like 'summer' weather at this point! Brr, it's been cold this year. What a lovely perspective, both sentiments and photos. I'm likin' lichen (always) and moss is marvelous.

  12. Beautiful post! Texture is truly amazing. Sometimes it's all you need. Looking forward to future observations......

  13. @Dona: That is so true! If you appreciate simple things, you'll always be content. :)

    @Arie-el: Thank you. I think I need to plant more spring-flowering bulbs. The Crocuses are blooming, and they are so cheery!

    @Gardenmad: Sometimes just breathing fresh air is enough to cheer me up--even in winter. But it's a spectacular feeling in spring and summer!

  14. First, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Secondly, this is a wonderful post, reminding us that we need to look at all things with fresh eyes to see the wonder around us. Many thanks.

  15. I love lichen and moss! it is awesome in the woods/shade garden areas! great shots!

  16. Lovely photo's. I love all the different textures. Ive been out myself today on the heath taking pictures of 'different' views of things most people walk past.

  17. The simple beauty in life is amazing. Thank you for reminding us.

  18. @Jodi: You're welcome. I will be checking your blog regularly now because I really enjoyed it.

    @Gabrielle: Thanks! I was out again today and the moss is thick. Soon it will dry out in the heat, but it's fun to see it change so quickly in the springtime.

    @Gwen: Thank you! I'll look forward to your posts. It's amazing what we can find if we look a little closer.

    @Joey: Thanks for the kind comment. Now I'm starting to see more dramatic changes, but early spring around here requires a closer inspection. :)


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