September 14, 2011

A song for September

Under the September sun, the final Hosta blooms burst in cornflower blue.

Cosmos delight in bright pink,


and deep fuchsia with yellow centers.

Zinnias continue to delight,

and Brown-Eyed Susans still brighten their little corner of the garden.

Sedum looks like a joyous bouquet,

while Hydrangea adds shades of rose and speckled pink to its everlasting blooms.

The Cucumber may not have time to fully transform from blossom to fruit,

but Impatiens thrive until the first hard frost,

and butterflies and bees are busy with purpose.

(Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.) 


  1. Enjoyed hearing and seeing your September song. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loved the lyrics and the photos :)

  3. What a lovely September song. Pretty flowers too. The cosmos are my favorite and I missed them this year in my own garden.

  4. Oh I love your cosmos!! Lovely colours, they look so pretty.
    Happy GBBD :)

  5. I love your September song! Who can resist those cosmos...simply beautiful! Happy GBBD!

  6. Love those white cosmos and the zinnia. And the song! Happy GBBD!

  7. I adore all your Cosmos...they are such amazing plants...if I had to choose one annual to have in my would be Cosmos!

  8. I feel better now after sitting through that song and photos. Getting colder here and still want to enjoy what is left of summer.

  9. So many beautiful September flowers
    happy blooming day

  10. Lots of floral happiness - so hard to beat cosmos for reliable and wonderful flowers. Happy GBBD!

  11. Lovely cosmos, one of my favourites. Lots of loveliness in your garden. Happy GBBD!

  12. Lovely! I have most of the same blooms in my garden right now, including the "fruitless" cucumbers:) Happy Bloom Day!

  13. Your garden us filled with lovely colors. What's the Zinnia secret? Mine are about 2 " tall with no hooe of a bud before frosr.

  14. @Patrick: Thank you! I had planned to run a famous poem, and then I thought I'll just wing it and write what I'm thinking.

    @Rebecca: Thanks! I know the blooms won't last much longer, so they're especially appreciated.

    @Donna: It's been a few years since I planted Cosmos--I'm glad I did!

    @Christine: Yeah, they're great cut flowers, too.

  15. @Sage: Happy GBBD to you, too! I think I'll plant Cosmos again next year.

    @Holley: Thank you! I wish I had more sun so I could plant more bright flowering plants.

    @Scott: Yeah, they're nifty aren't they? They look so delicate, but they're really very sturdy.

    @ONG: I know, I don't want the nice days to end. It was such a lovely summer here. I feel a little guilty because so many people had floods and droughts and scorching heat.

  16. @Fer: Thanks! Happy blooming day to you, too!

    @Janet: I agree, Cosmos are graceful, reliable, and sturdy. Happy GBBD!

    @Rose: I think the blooms on veggies are pretty and underappreciated. I was happy to have a few fresh Cucumbers this summer, but now they're on their way out.

    @MMD: I just checked out your blog and noticed you have some Tricyrtis. I need to try those again! The Zinnias are State Fair Mix: I discovered them a few years ago. They're great cut flowers. The Japanese beetles like them, though.

  17. Hi Beth,
    A lovely song for the month september.
    Your flowers are blooming very beautiful got this very well on your photo's
    Lovely greetings, Elly

    P.S. I enjoyed my garden, believe me. The pain in my back is almost over now.

  18. That is great Beth! Glad you are enjoying the season so much. :)

    I love those later blooming hostas. My friend has some that I need to steal pieces of :)

    Happy GBBD!

  19. @Elly: Thank you! I'm glad you were able to enjoy your garden and that you're feeling better.

    @Julie: Yeah, the little late-bloomers always catch me by surprise. I love the color, too. Some of the other Hosta flowers seem so washed out, but these have a rich, vibrant hue.

  20. I enjoyed your late summer blooming garden so much!
    Ciao Beth. :)

  21. Cosmos has a wide range of temperatures for growth and flowering, it is very common here too, however only yellow and orange are available. I wonder why pinks and whites are not entering our gardens, they are so beautiful when planted together at different colors.

  22. Hi PP ~ I just wanted to answer your question about the gardening shears. I have always just used hand pruners for anything small. Is that strange?? I never really thought about anything else!

  23. Ahhh, September in the garden. Light is slanted and bright flowers even more so. Lovely.

  24. I can't beleive you've already had a frost! i think you and i have the same sedum. :o) Your cosmos look great. Mine were eaten by borers and other bad bugs.

  25. @Dona: Thank you! It has been a wonderful growing season here.

    @Andrea: Yes, I love Cosmos, too. I'm not sure about the different colors in different regions. Maybe it's a matter of getting the right cultivar. "State Fair Mix" works well for me.

    @Kathleen: Ah, hand pruners...that makes sense. I was getting the two kind of mixed up. I have a set of a variety of tools. I need some new ones, though. :)

    @Layanee: Yes, the light is fabulous right now. All I need is a day off to snap some photos. :)

    @TS: Yes, the frost didn't seem to hit me much here, but lower-lying areas had some damage. More cool weather coming soon, though.