September 04, 2011

Hope grows: It works for me

Thanks to Hanni at Sweet Bean Gardening, I’m always looking forward to something in the garden. I’m not sure it will work in January (looking forward to February????), but so far it’s worked during the other months.

Of course one obvious choice for October is colorful foliage! And as I was preparing for this month’s Hope Grows post, I realized I need to photograph a lot more foliage this fall. That, in itself, is something to look forward to!

Maple, Burning Bush, and Sumac will delight next month. But so will the Hydrangea foliage. Imagine these huge leaves—as big as my hand—tinged with shades of rose and burgundy.

Another highlight for most of us in October is Mums. I’m not sure they’ll be in full bloom when I write the October Hope Grows post, but they’ll be showing color for sure, like this shot from a previous season.

And Autumn Joy Sedum will be luscious, as it continues its transformation from light green to pink, and finally to deep shades of mauve.

Lots to look forward to next month! Thanks, Hanni, for keeping us optimistic about the future!

[Please join in the new “Garden Lessons Learned” meme—by scrolling down to my previous post or by clicking on the widget to the right near the top of this page. I’ll be writing a post based on people's links and Facebook reflections at the end of the summer solstice—Sept. 22. Thanks to all those who’ve shared their lessons, reflections, and wisdom!]


  1. You have a lot to look forward to! Here, leaves started turning already (too soon!). I can't wait to see pictures of your hydrangea leaves.

  2. Beth what lovely hopes...that sedum is lovely now...I cannot wait to read your autumn posting of reflections...

  3. I hope I can keep on blogging while dealing with almost 180 students this year! Either you have a really small hand or masive hydrangea leaves!! Thanks to your beautiful post about Naked Lady lilies I now have a bunch on order for fall transplanting! Hooray!!

  4. What pretty images. I can see why you look forward to this. I love fall too.

  5. Nice collection of hope there. Fall is look much better than summer has.

  6. I wasn't familiar with this meme, but what a great idea! I'm certainly looking forward to the colors of autumn, too. Your sedum is lovely; I love watching the way it changes colors this time of year.

    I will have a "Lessons Learned" post up in a few minutes. Sorry it took me so long, but thanks for such a great idea!

  7. @Masha: Leaves are starting to change color here, too. But I guess we had just enough rain this season to keep everything green until its normal color-changing time. Days are getting shorter fast now, so the colors will speed up, too.

    @Donna: Thank you! The Sedum is pretty from a distance, but I think it looks like lace close up.

    @TS: Good luck with your students! And I will look forward to your posts in between your hectic teaching schedule. I think I have a medium-sized hand, so the leaves are really big. I just noticed the ones in the backyard are even bigger! Can't wait to hear how the Lilies work out for you!

  8. @Holley: Thanks! Yeah, once I get over the late-August transition I love fall. Not what follows it, though. :(

    @Donna: Our summer weather was pretty nice here, but autumns are usually very pleasant, too...And then the long drudgery of winter. Argh.

    @Rose: Thanks for joining in the meme! I'm heading on over to check out your post now. I always enjoy visits to your blog.

  9. This seems to be the season for sedums. I see them blooming everywhere. I love the colour of your mums.

  10. Nice and optimistic post. An odd thing is that big Chrysanthemums, in Italy, are specially dedicated to dead persons. November 2 is the "All Soul’s Day" here.

  11. For the moment, I see 'pretty in pink'!

  12. Beth your images are as lovely as your sweet thoughts... so much hope here. ♥

  13. @Autumn Belle: Yes, I agree. I'm seeing them all around, too--around town and around the blogosphere!

    @Dona: Yes, I think Mums have that symbolism here, too. Many funeral flower arrangements in the U.S. include Mums. And All Soul's Day is Nov. 2 here, too. I think it's the universal date for All Soul's?

    @Joey: Yeah, I especially enjoy the pink of the Sedum. I couldn't wear it, but it's refreshingly delicate!

    @Carolyn: Thank you! What a lovely compliment. The plants keep me optimistic. And so do gardening friends like you.