August 13, 2011

Truly a Better Boy

I can’t stand it. When I have a nearly perfect organic Tomato in the garden, I face a dilemma.

Solanum lycopersicum ‘Better Boy’

Pick it when it’s fully grown, but still green? Or leave it in the garden to potentially be ruined by squirrels or spoiled by blossom-end rot, late blight, or wilt?

Will the rabbit fence and overarching branches protect it from damage?

It's a Better Boy hybrid and resistant to many diseases. But it’s so beautiful and nearly perfect now.

 What would you do?


  1. Pick it and have fried green tomato! :)

  2. The season we have been having with tomatoes, I picked all the almost ripe ones. They are sweetening up on the window sill.

  3. It is indeed a dilemma I once faced too. Such a crying shame to pick them green but it will be such a waste if you leave it be! Try putting a small paperbag over it to protect from those elements..

  4. Hmmm.... I like Holleygarden's idea but there's always the possibility that it will ripen on the vine and be just fine. I have several that look like yours and I check on them every day. There's something wonderful about pulling a ruby red tomato warm off the vine.

  5. I always pick my tomatoes at first blush to encourage more blooms for more fruit. I place them all on a tray in a window to ripen in the sun. They all do just fine...good luck!

  6. Think I'd be tempted to let it ripen!

  7. Wow, tomatoes to pick and a happy dilemma to ponder over.

  8. I'd pick some and leave some. Good to know it is performing so well. I may need to try this variety. Mine this year did not do well.

  9. @Holley: Good idea!

    @Donna: Mine seem to be healthy, too, but it's always so hard to wait until the end.

    @P3: Thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll leave most of them on the vine, but...

    @TS: Yes, I agree. Nothing like it! And sandwiched between bacon and lettuce and mayo--incredible!

  10. @Sage: I'll have to try that next year. Thanks! I usually just leave them on the vine to ripen.

    @Bridget: Yes, it's tempting either way!

    @Autumn Belle: Indeed, a nice dilemma. Yummy, too. :)

    @Donna: I think I will try your advice. Yes, Better Boys usually perform well for me. And they're nicely formed, big, juicy and delicious!

  11. I love that green tomato. Perfectly captured specially the first one. Just wait until it will be good for harvest with the hope that nothing will ever ruin it.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons