August 06, 2011

Fun with fresh cut flowers

The other day, I created a fresh flower bouquet. I gathered Lilac branches…

Dill and Queen Anne’s Lace*…


Miscellaneous filler flowers…

Brown-Eyed Susans and Purple Coneflowers…

And Gladiolus*…

I lined them up…

And started building...

I added some Zinnias just beginning to open...

Then I was just about done, but this Delphinium didn't fit the color scheme...

Ready for display…

And the Delphinium was perfect on its own in a small bud vase.

For more fun with fresh cut flowers, check out Amy’s weekly flower arrangements at Get Busy Gardening.

(Note: All photos on this post were taken with my camera phone.)

*Dill and Queen Anne’s Lace were supplied by a fellow gardener. Glads were purchased.


  1. I never seem to get around to picking and arranging flowers, only about once a month. You have inspired me to get on with it, thank you!

  2. Thanks for showing how to build an arrangement. Lovely!

  3. Nice arrangement! Love it. Thanks for adding a link to my flower arrangement post on my blog. Hope you'll be inspired to join me more through the garden season and keep those flower arrangements coming! :-)


  4. Perfect! I appreciate the step by step demo on how you came up with such a beautiful bouquet.

  5. What a great bouquet you have created! I loved the step by step photos, really nice post. Thanks!

  6. Very nice! and every bit as lovely (if not more) than flowers a florist would deliver. I hate to cut my own flowers ~ isn't that crazy? Especially if I could have a bouquet like yours.

  7. It's beautiful! Do you add anything to the water?

  8. What a beautiful bouquet! Love it! Love the way you collected your flowers to create the masterpiece! Glad you temps are going down, we are dropping down for a couple of days too! Very happy about that! Happy Gardening! Mindy

  9. @Janet: With all the beautiful flowers you have, I'm sure you can make some amazing arrangements!

    @Bridget: Certainly! There are so many fun ways to arrange flowers. Have fun! Remember: You can always rearrange (I always do) if things don't look quite right.

    @Amy: Thanks! I'm on the flower committee at church a couple more times this season, so I'll share those arrangements, too.

    @Sage: Sure! I love to mess around with flowers. I'm certainly not a professional, but it's a wonderful creative outlet!

  10. @Christina: Thanks! The flowers make it easy. I try to plant with cut arrangements in mind. I arrange flowers at church and sometimes for friends.

    @Kathleen: You are too kind! I know what you mean about cutting the flowers, but that's why I plant a lot of them. Plus, cutting flowers like Zinnias encourages them to come back even stronger!

    @Masha: Thanks! No I usually don't add anything to the water. Sometimes I do, but it doesn't seem to make that much of a difference for me.

    @Mindy: Thank you! Fortunately, we have a table and plenty of supplies at church so we can really spread things out when we pull the arrangements together.

  11. Very pretty in pink and yellow. Love the architecture of Queen Anne's lace. I find Lilac leaves droop quickly - did you drop the stems in hot water first as my florist advises?! So few flowers in my garden so make foliage displays instead.

  12. @Laura: Thank you. Regarding the Lilac branches, I simply clipped them off and added them to the bouquet. They are dwarf Korean Lilacs, though. That might make a difference. Foliage displays can be striking, too!

  13. Lovely bouquet, dear Beth! You're a woman of good taste.

  14. How pretty! I'm rotten at flower arrangeing. I usually just shove them in a mason jar. :o)

  15. @Dona: Why, thank you! You are too kind!

    @TS: I love arrangements in mason jars! I'm envisioning a bouquet of Cosmos...