July 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday:
midsummer delights

(A sweet blend of Liatris, Hydrangea, and Lilium)


  1. Lovely! A very artistic arrangement.

  2. @Patrick: Thank you. So many lovelies to enjoy this time of year!

    @Rose: Thanks! The pot makes it easy because it has separate small vases.

  3. Wow! Did you study ikebana? I feel so intimidated - I usually just plop some blooms in a cheap plastic vase.

  4. Love your display! i need to try more of those once in a while- I certainly have enough flowers outside!

  5. @Masha: It's all in the vase, in this case. You can order them at www.bcgardendelights.com.

    @Kathleen: Thank you!

    @Gabrielle: Yeah, I have to remind myself that part of the reason I grow flowering plants is for floral arrangements. :)


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