July 02, 2011

Fast forward five days

Gosh, change is happening fast and furious around here! With plenty of rain, warm temps, and super long days, the plants are taking off! I hadn’t intended to post today, but then I looked at the sunny garden and realized it might be fun to compare plants from my last post only five days ago. Are you ready? It’s dramatic!


 Purple Coneflowers…

Drumstick Allium…

The changes aren’t as obvious for the tomato plants, so I didn’t take photos of them today. But I think I see a little improvement in the Cucumbers. Cross your fingers. Maybe they’ll take off and surprise us at some point.

The Onions are a little past Scallion stage, but they should be flavorful. Combined with the chicken wire, they’re keeping the bunnies away. Hurrah!

 I don’t recall the Brown-Eyed Susans even having buds five days ago.

The new Delphinium I planted this year is spiking.

And the marsh hay is helping me with that pesky weeding issue.

(Last month I posted on Hanni's Hope Grows meme about my kitchen garden, so this will be my entry for her July meme. Next month, I'm looking forward to a cool beverage on the screen porch -- looking out into and enjoying the garden.)


  1. This time of year is making each day a surprise. The way plants are blooming later, they are also blooming faster. I have noticed the same thing in a short time the garden changes quite a bit.

  2. Wow! Do your plants have superpowers? :D

  3. Amazing! Isn't it great when the flowers are happy?

  4. I just found your blog through your comment at Gardens at Waters East. Was excited to find another garden blogger living so close, and looking forward to following how your plants progress!


  5. @Donna: Maybe I'm being a bit sentimental, but the garden seems even more magical this year with all the fast transformations. A slow, steady growth pattern is fine, too. I hope the rest of the summer proceeds at a slower pace.

    @Dona: Yes, the sun, rain, warmth, and blessings from above. :)

    @Holley: Yes! I can't help but smile when plants and flowers thrive.

    @Megan: Great! I'll head over to your blog today, too.

  6. Excellent before and after...isn't it amazing how quickly things bloom in this weather? Great blooms!

  7. It was great to see your flowers developing from buds. You garden is changing so much it must be a great place to be in.

  8. Yes, stuff is really starting to pop in my gardens too. Finally!! I even spotted my first baby tomato last night! I have to get out there with the camera when I get home today. Woohoo, soon we'll be up to our eyeballs in fresh veggies. :-)

  9. Beth
    Fun to connect on twitter, too.
    Flower buds on lots of annuals & perennials here, too. Very soon... bloom. We had no spring to speak of:(
    Surprised to see you coneflower blooming already, & Zinnias!

  10. @Sage: Thanks! Yes, I love to watch the progress, and now blogging will help me to document it. :)

    @Masha: It's so fun to compare notes...I can only imagine how amazing your gardens are in person!

    @Amy: Cheers! Stuff grows fast in the Midwest this time of year. We sure make up for lost time, don't we?!

    @Alice: I'm starting to really enjoy Twitter. Using it now at work, so it's making more sense. Yes, the Coneflowers are native perennials here, so that's entirely nature working her magic. The Zinnias were planted as seedlings. Love them!

  11. Here here! I love how fast your garden is coming...really, I think some days the plants drink a 5 hr energy or something overnight. :)

  12. Isn't it amazing how quickly things change this time of year? The coneflowers are my favorite, so it's always exciting to see them bloom. My cucmbers are growing slowly, too, but it's just as well because I need to pull some lettuce so they have room to sprawl.

  13. It is amazing how quickly plants can develop! Your photos show that progression really nicely. Glad things are doing so well in your garden.

  14. @Hanni: A five-hour energy drink for plants. Maybe we could bottle and sell it!

    @Rose: The Coneflowers are really lovely this year. I need to get out and capture some shots. The Cucumbers are now flowering, so there's hope!!

    @Kathleen: Thank you. Gardening is so rewarding, isn't it?!

  15. Wow, you are at least a week ahead of me. The coneflowers are just starting to hint at pink petals, the drumstick alliums starting to blush pink, and I have hints of Dahlias about to bloom. Wonderful to see how quickly things can change, you have some lovely flowers coming in to their own.