February 02, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Megadrifts!

Snow day!

Shall I open the door?

Here we go...

No cookout today!

The bowl effect.

Poor Sumac.

Rabbits still feel welcome on the front walk.

Close to the front porch the snow is lovely.

Good day to stay inside looking out.


  1. But it's so lovely. :)

  2. Hope you are staying warm! It looks lovely from inside.

  3. Nancy and Karin: Thanks! The sun was so warm today that most of the snow on the windows melted off. But we still have the drifts, and they're even higher where the snowplow came through. But the groundhog saw his shadow, so this will all melt soon. I'm ready!

  4. Oh my, I've never seen snow like that except in the Swiss Alps on a glacier! Staying inside sounds like an excellent plan... Now wonder you wanted to be over here when you saw my hellebore poking its first flowers up!

  5. Janet: Yes, it was a crazy blizzard! Kind of fun as long as we were inside. Everything shut down which is very rare around here. It felt so warm today (18*) with the sun bouncing off the fresh, white snow!

  6. What? You aren't gonna make me a grilled hamburger. Rethinking my visit.

  7. WOW! I've never seen that much snow where I live and I find it thoroughly, and horribly, impressive. :)

  8. Your garden will love the long drink once everything has melted! When I lived in ND there was a snow fence behind my house that caused the snow to pile up in my yard. Because of the constant wind, my neighbor only had a few inches of snow while we had an iceberg! Your yard looks the same!!

  9. @Anna: I'd make you a hamburger anytime!

    @Eliza: I know, it's unusual even for us. But the white snow is oh, so much nicer than gray snow or ice. Of course, green grass is the best!

    @TS: Thanks for your optimism. I will be tempted to take a blow torch to that pile of snow if it's still around in April.

  10. I am thankful I will never see that much snow at my home in Texas! But I have to admit, the pictures of it sure are beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :-) Our snow is melting quickly now that it is 50 degrees!

  11. It is so beautiful....I can't imagine living with snow like that..thanks for sharing.

  12. Toni and Darla: This is a heavy snow even for us. But, believe it or not, I prefer the white, dry snow days to the gray, wet drippy days when the cold goes right to my bones. On a clear day, the sun reflects off the snow and it actually feels pretty warm. But I'm ready for spring. Hope it doesn't take too long for the snow to melt!

  13. Oh my. I feel bad complaining about our snow now. You have tons more. I'm guessing you must have snow on the ground all winter?? Some winters we do then others, it melts in-between storms. I prefer it the latter way! I hope the groundhog was right and we have an early spring.


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