December 07, 2010

Snowbound ground cover

Well, I wasn’t completely honest about Pachysandra in my last post. You see, when the Pachysandra is covered with snow, like it is now, it’s hard to tell that it “looks great all year.”

I guess if you dig under the snow it’s still green, but I doubt I’ll actually see the Pachysandra again until a January or February thaw.

This is what our main garden bed, including Pachysandra, looks like in early summer:

The Pachysandra doesn't take center stage, but it does provide a warm carpet for other perennials growing with it. In our garden, that includes Ferns, Hostas, Bleeding Heart, and a host of other more showy perennials.

I’ve heard that Pachysandra can be invasive. But we haven’t had that problem. We simply mow around it and it stays contained within its boundaries.


  1. "Truth in advertising" - I like it! Though to be fair, you have to be a bit of a thug to still show up under that kind of snow cover...

  2. We're still waiting for snow here in Southcentral PA - yours looks pretty. Your pachysandra looks pretty good too!

  3. Plantaliscious: Yes, Pachysandra is tough!
    Garden Sense: I bet you'll have snow soon! We're getting a snowstorm on Saturday. Yikes! I'm not ready!