July 11, 2022

Saturday at the 2022 Fling:
Artful Displays and Fabulous Foliage

Main entrance to Olbrich Botanical Gardens:
Bolz Conservatory and front gravel garden to the left and main lobby entrance on the right.

Our second full day of the 2022 Garden Bloggers Fling was a bit more relaxed to start. It rained in the early morning, which was fine for quick trips to the nearby Dane County Farmers Market and our brunch at Goodman Community Center. Then, it was cloudy through most of the day, which can be beneficial for some photo situations.

After the brunch, we headed for Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I specifically set a goal to take only a few photos at Olbrich this time—to focus on the people, truly observe the plants, and savor the visit. I've visited Olbrich so many times, and (God willing) I'll visit it many more in the seasons and years ahead (lucky me).

kuster 1

After Olbrich, our group split into two groups, alternating between three lovely West Madison gardens. The first one my bus toured was the garden of Tom and Cheryl Kuster. Their pond was impressive. There's something so relaxing about water features in gardens, and so many life forms to study. The larger garden is divided into 20 sections, and the pond winds through several of them.

kuster 2

I'm a fan of water lilies, both the pads and the flowers. They were magical in this garden.

kuster 3

Tom says he's a "collector of plants," and he certainly has an impressive collection of Sedums and Sempervivums, some of which border the pond.

fillingame 1

Next, we headed to Cindy Fillingame's garden, starting out with her welcoming front entrance. It featured artful arrangements of various foliage plants and lovely roses.

fillingame 2

I didn't get the name of this rose, but the newly opening blooms were stunning with soft dew and rain droplets.

fillingame 3

Cindy's miniatures—framed by hostas, ferns, and other foliage—were delightful.

brazill-golbach 2

Our final garden destination of the day was the Asian-themed garden of Linda Brazill and Mark Golbach. If you've never visited this garden, it's truly unique. It's a work of art and very organized, but it also conveys a sense of peace and tranquility. The Astrantias (A. major) were blooming, surrounded by plentiful shades of green foliage plants.

brazill-golbach 1

The garden has amazing stonework and structures, unusual trees, a Japanese tea house, and a gravel garden that mimics the movement of water.

brazill-golbach 3

On the porch, Linda had arranged beautiful pots with cuttings from the garden. A very thoughtful and calming place to be.

Next up: our Sunday itinerary.

This is just a small portion of our visits. For more coverage of the Fling, check out the Fling website.


  1. It all looks so lovely! I'm sorry I missed it, but enjoying it through everyone's posts.

    1. I'm sorry, too, that you couldn't attend. Miss you. It was a fun Fling! Hope to see you at the next one!

  2. It sounds like a perfect day, Beth. I love the idea of a pond meandering through a garden, something I can only imagine in my own climate.

    1. Yes, many of the gardeners that we visited have amazing water features, which can be such a soothing presence amid the plants. They support wildlife, pollinators, and other life forms, too.

  3. Thanks for posting the photos from the "Fling". Sorry I missed it but that was the moving days. It is nice to be back home at Lake Michigan. I HAVE A QUESTION: Think I use to be able to have your post come directly to me on my "reading list" from all the blogs I follow. Now I don't seem to have that unless I have your blog come to an email or the like. Am I missing a way to get you on my reading list with all the others? Let me know. Thanks

    1. Sorry you missed it, too. Glad you're comfortably back home--your place looks amazing, too. Thanks for asking...there are three buttons on the sidebar that allow for following the blog: by email, feedly, or bloglovin. Or, you can follow the way I do, by adding me to your Blogger reading list. :)

  4. Thank you for sharing. I love seeing miniatures, they are so fun to add in a garden.

    1. So true! Several of our Fling gardens have miniature areas, and I could spend hours just in those spots, alone. So much to see and so little time. But so much fun!


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