October 07, 2011

Beyond the Maples

There's no denying Maples are glorious specimens at the peak of autumn color.

But so many other lovely plants, shrubs, and trees add color to the autumn landscape, including the gold/green medley of some large-leaf Hostas...

The peachy/lime/burgundy hues of Dwarf Korean Lilac...

The brilliant sun-catching gold of the Shagbark Hickory and Redbud...

The variegated salmon/orange/green of Flowering Almond...

And, of course, the show-stopping, hard-to-believe-it's-real crimson/fuchsia of the Burning Bush...

Autumn color takes my breath away!


  1. OOOH!! I love that burning bush!!! I love how vivid they are. Still lots of green here. I'm hoping that means winter is taking her time. :o)

  2. Drama Queens! Love it all but especially the great colours of the Burning Bush.

  3. Looks like you are getting Autumn earlier than me this year, most of the leaves in my garden are barely hinting at turning as yet. Even my hostas seem to be hanging on to their green coats.

  4. It is so nice to see the fall foliage in your post...beautiful. My maples are just slowly beginning to turn but are not yet fully in their fall beauty. Sometimes it amazes me how many autumn hues nature offers.

  5. Gorgeous! Say what you will about burning bush, I agree it has the most spectacular fall color. I've noticed even our ash trees have fabulous color this year. One has already lost most of its leaves, while the other is still full of shades of purple and gold. The maples are just starting to turn.

  6. Oh, that burning bush is magnificent! Here - I'm not sure if the leaves are turning colors from the change of season, or the drought! Thanks for a look at the beauty of fall.

  7. Love that maple...my fave for autumn color and yours is stunning...

  8. Okay, now I'm missing autumn! I have never heard of Burning Bush but I'm going to look it up. Lovely photos.

  9. @TS: I hope winter will hold off a while, too. Trying to enjoy the fall/summer weather while it lasts!

    @Bridget: Yes, Maples are drama queens. :-) But the others have their time, too.

    @Janet: This is pretty much our "normal" time for autumn color. The colors seem particularly bright this year, but maybe I just don't remember.

  10. @Sage: It sure happens fast once the color starts. Enjoy!

    @Rose: Burning Bush might be a bit controversial, but it sure is an incredible shrub.

    @Holley: The golds are particularly vibrant this year--I don't know why. But Burning Bush is always amazing!

  11. @Donna: I cheated with the Maple--that was captured on one of our autumn drives. But all the other photos are from my garden.

    @Lyn: I will stopping by your blog soon to get a taste of spring--my favorite season!

  12. Delicious Fall colors! Still waiting for our Burning Bushes to turn... hopefully before the snow falls. Crazy seasons this year. Thanks for walking with us!

  13. Pokazałaś bardzo ładnie prawdziwą jesień z jej wszystkimi barwami :-). Pozdrawiam


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