June 14, 2011

GBBD: Timing issues

Weird how the weathers affecting blooming plants this year. Blame it on La Nina, I guess. The Peonies usually bloom near Memorial Day. And they’re just now popping in mid-June:

Paeonia lactiflora

Oh well, there are plenty of blooms to celebrate:

Philadelphus coronarius

Spiraea betulifolia

Polygonatum biflorum

Cleome spinosa

Weigela floribunda

And others to look forward to:

Hemerocallis fulva

Lilium (Asiatic hybrid)

Rosa 'Sweet Mary'

(Note: The milky white substance on some of these plants is...you guessed it! Cottonwood fuzz! I hope the rain washes it away soon.)

Thanks to Carol at May Dreams Gardens for hosting Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!


  1. Oh, dont't you just hate those Cottonwoods at this time of year? They give my air conditioner compressor a fuzzy white coat. My peonies bloomed off as well, but the bloomed before the iris. This has been a very strange year for the plants.

  2. Lovely show of blooms, I love the Philadelphus coronarius!
    Happy GBBD.

  3. Some wonderful photos here... thanks for sharing! L

  4. Your peony is very pretty! Mine are all gone now. But there are other lovelies in the garden. I enjoyed seeing what's blooming in your garden. Happy GBBD!

  5. Lovely blooms. Thanks for telling me what that white stuff was - I was really looking hard! Funny that your spring is just now really starting, and my summer blooms are almost all spent! Happy GBBD.

  6. Beautiful philadelphus blooms. My "Belle Etoile"has buds on it but the other two (grown from cuttings) nothing. Lovely peonies. One of my favourite. I can't stop photographing them.

  7. better late than never..lol,,

  8. Lovely post...great blooms...I used to live at a house with a Cottonwood tree in the backyard...some mornings, I'd wake up and think for a moment that it had snowed the night before!

  9. Your Cleome spinosa seems very early. I don't expect mine for several weeks. Most everything has bloomed early this year. I guess lots of rain helps. Then the confusing weather in May must have made the flowers say, "I give up, I'll just bloom."

  10. I have enjoyed the weird bloom times this year although some things just came and went in the blink of an eye....gorgeous blooms

  11. @Donna: Yes, I'm not much of a fan. It's not my tree but it hangs over my yard. It is a beautiful tree, though. Just not much fun for a couple of weeks in June.

    @Christine: Mock Orange is one of my favorites. It has a light, sweet scent, and the branches can be used in floral arrangements.

    @Larry: Thank you! I need to get out there and take some better shots of the Peonies before they fade.

    @Sage: I was tempted to use shots from previous years, since this isn't the best year for my Peonies. But at least they're blooming now. Thanks.

    @Holley: Interesting that your spring flowers are our summer flowers. Peonies and Irises usually bloom here at the beginning of June. :)

  12. @Janet: I'm with you on the Peonies. They're right up there with Magnolias for me in the photography department. And the Mock Orange is a sure sign of summer!

    @Greggo: Yes, I was worried that the Peonies would be a "never" this year. So at least they're blooming. :)

    @Scott: It's so thick some days, I'm surprised we can breathe. Some of us seem to have especially active allergies this year.

    @Nellie: I cheated with the Cleome. ;-) They're annuals here, and I bought plants. But they've grown quite a bit since I planted them in late May. We've had pretty good weather here in May and early June. April was a dud, though.

    @Donna: Thanks. Yeah, I know what you mean about the blink of an eye. The Irises were awesome, but they only lasted a couple of days because we had a big wind storm. I cut them for an arrangement, though, and they were pretty.

  13. Everything looks its getting ready to bust open. I especially liked the peony. I don't grow those but would like to try. Thanks for inviting me into your garden.

  14. Hi those plants are so unique to me because we have different climatic conditions. They are beautiful, but those cottony things maybe a bit difficult for us with allergic rhinitis. I just wonder!

  15. I agree the timetable in the garden has been strange this year with some plants flowering late and others early. Not having any peonies of my own, other than a new one that won't bloom till next year, I was wondering why I wasn't seeing more blooms on other blogs. Now I understand--your gorgeous peonies were worth the wait!

    I don't have cottonwoods, but I think it's the locust trees here that are raining debris on my shade garden. All my hostas look dirty:)

  16. Lovely pics. I love Paeonies. I visited a garden recently which had a huge Paeony collection. Every shade from white to deep red.

  17. Great photos,lovely blooms.Enjoy your garden to the fullest!

  18. It must be the weather, my peony are just beginning to bloom. The red are my first to bloom and just started. Even after the blooms are gone in a few weeks I still like those plants since the leaf structure is so interesting mixed in with other plants. The combination of textures does a lot for the garden. Jack

  19. @Paul: It was a fun Garden Bloggers Bloom Day with so many things blooming at once. Now the welcome rain will bring more blooms.

    @Andrea: Yes, I think a lot of people are allergic to Cottonwood. It just keeps coming this year, making everything look messy. I'm looking forward to the end of the fuzz.

    @Rose: Thank you. Peonies are gorgeous and they have a sweet, pleasant scent. They're just about finished blooming here. :(

    @Bridget: It is amazing how many colors and hues of Peonies are available. And they look great as cut flowers.

    @Rosie: Thanks for the encouragement. I'm imagining an evening sitting on the screen porch with a glass of wine, and looking out onto the garden. Cheers!

  20. @Jack: It must be perfect at the lake now! Especially on the hot days here. I look forward to visiting your blog and others after I get through the graduation party on Saturday.