January 19, 2011

Nearly wordless Wednesday: laughing trees

In advance of the snowstorm...

Pachysandra seems to beg for a winter blanket of fresh snow.

A partially consumed apple offers more evidence of animal life.

Scallions -- still green -- poke through the crystalline crust.

During the snowstorm...

Huge, puffy snowflakes blanket bushes and trees.

Oak trees seem to laugh and toss snowballs back and forth.

Staghorn Sumac gets a new winter cap!


  1. Very pretty snow photos and cute little story,

  2. An enticingly delightful title for a collection of superb images. Really enjoyed this post. Happy WW

  3. Lovely pictures but no thanks for the snow! It seems like we've missed Winter where I am and I've been out puttering in the yard already, it's WONDERFUL! Will be back to visit your patch later!

  4. @Donna: Thanks! I loved your post about the "Almost a Black and White Day."
    @PatioPatch: Thank you! Your "Pollard Ave." shot on your recent post is intriguing!
    @Heather: Yes, the snow gets old. But it was a fun snowstorm this time, for some reason. I just checked out your blog. I see you like Peonies, too. Cheers!

  5. I've had enough snow already too even tho your photos are beautiful. I love the one of the sumac. We haven't even had as much cold and snow as we normally do but I'm already ready for spring. I think it's just the ability to be out without boots and tons of other gear that I really miss.

  6. I love your photos. Thank you for sharing!
    I'm a new follower, found you the Wednesday Blog Hop, please feel free sometime to stop by my blog, thank you and have a great week!

  7. So beautiful but yet so cold.... Burrrr is about all I can say :-) Come on Spring comes to mind also...

  8. Great photos! I find the scallions and sumac especially exciting. I have this vague memory from when I was little of a woman suggested sumac berries to my mom as a cure for bedwetting... not sure if it's an accurate memory, though.

  9. @Kathleen: Yes, I've had enough snow. Unfortunately, we'll probably have it around here until March.
    @Teresa: Thank you! I checked out your blog -- I love the patchwork border!
    @Skeeter: Yes, it's cold around here. Actually the day the pictures were taken was pretty mild. We'll have below-zero temps this weekend.
    @Eliza: Hmmmm...interesting childhood memories. The things adults tell kids. :)

  10. I love the idea of the oaks laughing and throwing snowballs!! If only they could talk...!!!

  11. @Janet: That was a warm day, believe it or not. Tonight: -10F!
    @TS: For some reason it was a fun snowstorm. Maybe because I didn't have to work that day. When I looked at the photo, the Oak trees looked like people having fun -- enjoying the puffy snowflakes.

  12. I was encouraged to check out your blog and so I have. Since I am from Wisconsin like you, they thought we might enjoy following one another's blogs. Love the pictures. Same snow here!! Nice but I am already planning for Spring. You can see my blog by using Google search engine; gardensatwaterseast.blogspot.com/ Let me know your thoughts. Jack

  13. Jack: I took a quick trip to your blog. Ah, Lake Michigan! Very nice, and your photos are wonderful. I will check back often. --Beth

  14. Beautiful snow pictures! We don't get much snow here -- we're lucky for an inch each winter season. There's a slim chance we'll see some snow this week, but it will melt fast, I'm sure. I know I'd probably not enjoy months of snow at a time or having to shovel a lot of snow, but we wouldn't mind a little more down here from time to time! Send us some, would you? :)


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